The Shooting Show – high seat foxing and the Pulsar Forward DFA75

First we visit serious foxer Gary Green, who has a problem on his hands: a vixen that has evaded him for over a year. With its newfound interest in the local farmer’s birds, now’s the time to take it out – and Gary has brought all the top kit with him to ensure he gets the job done. A customised RPA rifle, a Swarovski Z6i, a Pulsar N550 Digisight, Geco ammo – Gary’s kitted out to the max. But that’s no guarantee the fox will actually appear. There’s an anxious wait to be had, and then an even more anxious follow-up.

Staying with night shooting, Byron Pace turns his expert’s eye to the latest piece of Pulsar NV equipment, the Forward DFA 75. A front-mounted night vision scope, it can turn your day scope into an NV rig – Byron takes it all the way from the box to the field, including set-up, calibration and zeroing.

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