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Mat Manning reviews the Sightmark Wraith digital day and night gun sight

Sponsored by Scott Country International Modern digital gun sights are a great option for hunters who want to shoot by day and night, and they don’t need to cost a fortune. Mat Manning takes a look at the Sightmark Wraith

The Airgun Show – summer squirrel hunting on the move, PLUS the Hill Pump Mk5…

Squirrel shooting on the move can be challenging, especially in summer when the ground is dry and crunchy. We join Mat Manning on a roving woodland hunt to catch up with him as he bags bushy-tails with a roving approach

The Airgun Show – squirrel feeder bait challenge, PLUS the Zeiss Conquest V4 scope on test…

We’re joining Mat Manning for a session on a squirrel-infested woodland permission this week. With so many bushy-tails in the woods, Mat takes full advantage of the opportunity to try to experiment with feeding station baits by giving them a

The Airgun Show – a roving mixed bag, PLUS the Brocock Safari XR high power Magnum on test…

We join Andy Watkins for this week’s hunting trip, and he is setting his sights on feathered farmyard pests and grey squirrels. Adopting a mobile approach around farm buildings and woodland, Andy puts his Walther Reign to good use to

The Airgun Show – manic squirrel hunt with the Walther RM8, PLUS the new BSA Ultra CLX on test…

Mat Manning is back on his squirrel control rounds, targeting the invasive rodents at a feeding station on a sunny spring day. With hungry bushy-tails queuing up to feed, Mat puts the Walther RM8 to good use to bring the

The Airgun Show – Night vision rat hunt, PLUS the Brocock Sniper XR on test…

Don’t miss the latest episode of The Airgun Show! A mild winter and heavy rainfall have caused plagues of rats on the farms where Mat shoots, and he’s back in action on the scaly-tails in this week’s show. Get ready

Winter squirrel hunting in this week’s Airgun Show

We join Mat Manning as he hunts grey squirrels on a farm where shooters can stay for an airgun holiday. Presented with unfamiliar ground, Mat offers some tips on how to maximise your chances when getting to grips with a

On The Bench #10 – Slug shooting test with FX Impact MKII

Slug ammunition is causing a real stir in the long-range airgun shooting scene and we want to see what all the fuss is about. So in this week’s edition of On the Bench, he’s heading out onto the range with

On the Bench #9 – PAO Prismatic scope

On test this week is the PAO 4×32 Tri-Lume Prismatic Scope from the Shooting Party. This affordable and feature-packed prismatic optic has a very short eye relief, making it perfect for bullpup and semi-bullpup airguns. Tune it to see what

The Airgun Show – hectic night vision rat hunt, PLUS slug shooting test with FX Impact MKII…

Cold, wet weather has pushed more rats onto the farm, and Mat Manning is using night vision gear to bring them to book. The action takes a while to warm up but the scavenging rodents eventually emerge to feed and

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