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The Airgun Show – mega farmyard feral pigeon hunt, PLUS PAO Topaz SWAT scope on test

Don’t miss the latest episode of The Airgun Show! Feral pigeons are causing major problems on the farm so Andy Watkins calls on a friend to assist with the cull. The two-pronged attack works brilliantly, and the lads end the

On the Bench with Mat Manning #5: Pellpax Crowbuster

On the bench this week is the Crowbuster package from Pellpax. Based around the Webley VMX spring-powered break-barrel air rifle, the kit includes a scope, mounts, padded bag and pellets – all for under £150. Tune in to see how

On the Bench with Mat Manning #4: Walther Reign

It’s Tuesday, and that can only mean one thing: we’re back at the bench with Mat Manning! And this week, he’s looking at a compact airgun ideal for field use – the Walther Reign. So what is Mat’s assessment of

The Airgun Show – night vision rabbit hunt, PLUS Pellpax Rabbit Sniper MKII kit on test…

As the days get shorter, rabbits are becoming more and more nocturnal in their habit. After-dark hunting is one of the best ways to target bunnies at this time of year, and we follow Mat Manning on a late session

On the Bench with Mat Manning #3: Barrel changing tips for the FX

In this week’s edition of On the Bench, Mat is going to show you how to quickly and easily change the barrel, and therefore the calibre, on one of his favourite airguns of late, the FX Impact MKII. Since reviewing

On the Bench with Mat Manning is available NOW

Click the video above to view Mat Manning’s review of the Weihrauch HW100 BP, which has been shortlisted in the Great British Shooting Awards’ Airgun of the Year category. What did Mat think of the HW100 BP? Watch above to

The Airgun Show – shooting rats with night vision, PLUS top tips for autumn and winter hunting

The temperature is falling and the nights are drawing in, which means that peak ratting season is fast approaching. We join Mat Manning on a farm where greedy rats are raiding feed under the cover of darkness, and watch the

TAS From the Archives: frantic squirrel feeder action

In our latest edition of The Airgun Show: From The Archives, we go back to November 2017 for prime-time autumn grey squirrel hunting. Mat Manning has set up a peanut feeder to assist with the cull, and it seems that

#TASFromTheArchives: hunting for rabbits, pigeons and squirrels

In this week’s edition of The Airgun Show: From the Archives, Mat Manning is on farmland and in the woods taking care of some pests… Mat is hunting on farmland and in the woods as he tries to make a

The Airgun Show – stalking rabbits, pigeons and squirrels, PLUS Brocock Concept Lite on test… Few things beat the promise of making a mixed bag with an air rifle, especially when using stalking tactics. We join Andy Watkins on a roving hunt where he makes some fantastic shots to bring rabbit, pigeon and squirrel

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