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#TASFromTheArchives: hunting for rabbits, pigeons and squirrels

In this week’s edition of The Airgun Show: From the Archives, Mat Manning is on farmland and in the woods taking care of some pests… Mat is hunting on farmland and in the woods as he tries to make a

The Airgun Show – stalking rabbits, pigeons and squirrels, PLUS Brocock Concept Lite on test… Few things beat the promise of making a mixed bag with an air rifle, especially when using stalking tactics. We join Andy Watkins on a roving hunt where he makes some fantastic shots to bring rabbit, pigeon and squirrel

The Airgun Show – day and night vision rabbit hunting, PLUS FX barrel change tutorial…

We’re joining Mat Manning on a challenging rabbit shoot in this week’s episode. These rabbits have had a lot of shooting pressure, so it takes stealth to get past their defences. Mat uses a roving approach at dusk and then

The Airgun Show – decoying pigeons with an air rifle, PLUS the Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint Deluxe Kit

We’re hunting with Andy Watkins this week, and he’s setting his sights high. Decoying wary woodpigeons within range of an air rifle is never easy, but Andy combines fieldcraft and precise shooting to make an impressive tally in front of

The Airgun Show – the best bait for squirrel hunting, PLUS the Brocock Compatto Sniper HR on test…

What’s the best bait for grey squirrel feeding stations? Peanuts have awesome attraction but corn is just a third of the price. Mat Manning sets up two feeders and heads out with his FX Impact MkII to find out what

The Airgun Show – ten top shots with the Zbroia Hortitsia, PLUS the Walther Reign bullpup on test

You don’t have to spend a fortune on hardware to put quarry in the bag. Mat has been proving that on his hunting trips with the Zbroia Hortitsia over the last year, and we’ve put together a roundup of his

From The Archives: day-night rabbit shooting

It’s August 2018, and with the night starting to draw in, hunters will be turning their attention to after-dark pest control. Mat Manning is out after rabbits with his ATN X-Sight II night vision set up and the Brocock Compatto

The Airgun Show – pigeon, jackdaw and rabbit hunt, PLUS the Pellpax Crowbuster spring gun combo

We’re hunting with Andy Watkins this week, and a mixed bag is on the cards. He starts on a farmyard shoot where pigeons are targeting cereal crops and jackdaws are raiding animal feed, and then moves on to a grassland

The Airgun Show: From The Archives – Summer rabbit hunt

In our second episode of From The Archives, we’re taking you back four years ago this week! This time it’s rabbits in our sights, and Mat Manning is out on the hunt with the Air Arms Ultimate Sporter and a

The Airgun Show: From the Archives

Welcome to the first instalment of our new weekly series, From the Archives, in which we look back at the best moments from the history of The Airgun Show. In our first episode, we’re looking back to just after Christmas

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