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#TSSFromTheArchives: red stag stalking on the hill in Glen Etive

Almost a year to the day (October 22 2018), we’re back in the Highlands for another stag stalk in this week’s Shooting Show: From the Archives, and amid breathtaking scenery. The previous day, Horst, a German guest, was lucky enough

The Shooting Show – early-season red deer cull in Scotland The stag season may be coming to an end in Scotland, but this week we’re back at the start of this year’s season as Chris Dalton sets out to reduce the red deer population on a forestry block on

#TSSFromTheArchives: stubble field pigeons with the Enforcer flapper

It’s once again time for Flashback Friday, and this week, we’re going all the way back to November 13 2017. This time, we join Geoff back in early autumn with the stubble still on the fields, and some pigeon control

The Shooting Show – dramatic driven ducks at Cefngwyn Hall

We’re with Gerwyn over in west Wales, at Cefngwyn Hall where owner Charles Grisedale has spent 30 years perfecting a driven duck shoot. It really is something unique – though the ducks are put down, they fly just like wild

From the Archives: problem red stag control in the Highlands

It’s time for From the Archives, and this year we’re heading back to October 2018, just as the nights were beginning to draw in for another cold winter. Presenter Pete and the entire Shooting Show team are up in Glen

The Shooting Show – out foxing with the Sightmark Wraith

Mark Ripley’s got a fox problem to deal with out on the South Downs. And he’s got a new tool to help him solve it: the Sightmark Wraith, a new digital scope that’s equally capable shooting in day and night.

The Shooting Show – tough pigeon shooting in 30-degree heat

Who goes pigeon shooting in a heatwave? Gerwyn Jones does – and the Welsh shooting wizard comes up against a mammoth decoying challenge, with temperatures soaring and thunderstorms even making an appearance. Not to be deterred, he stokes up his

The Shooting Show – walked-up game day in Yorkshire

With the partridge season already begun for 2019 and the pheasants not far off either, we mark the occasion with one of our favourite game shooting videos from 2018, which we saved to bring you this year. Here, we accompany

From the Archives: muntjac fever with Jason Doyle

In this week’s edition of From the Archives, we go back two years and one day, as we asked Jason Doyle what species he’d like to hunt next on the show. Think big, we said. But he did the opposite

The Shooting Show – NV foxing on the stubbles

With the crops off, we’re out for a post-harvest foxing session with the local keepers. We’ve got thermal and NV units to hand, thanks to Pulsar. In fact, the only thing missing is the foxes. Can we get them to

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