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The Shooting Show – back-to-basics roebuck stalking

We’re out in Yorkshire filming with Jamie, a new recruit to the Shooting Show team. Jamie’s a purist stalker – he keeps his set-up light, relies on fieldcraft and has a policy of ‘beat them on their terms’. Getting up close

The Shooting Show – high-speed bunny bashing with the Ruger Precision .22

There’s no rest for the wicked as Stuart Wilson’s out in the field again with his Ruger .22 – and a centrefire to boot. Now familiar with his new box seat, he camps out for a vigil where rabbit, roe

The Shooting Show: From the Archives – Roebucks with the Red Devils

In our first edition of From the Archives, we’re looking back to exactly two year ago, the 12 June 2017 edition of The Shooting Show. In this episode, Peter Carr and Stuart Wilson are guiding two members of the Red

The Shooting Show – roe doe and buck stalking in changing seasons

We were out filming nearly every day at the end of March and start of April, aiming to get a roe in the larder, then a roebuck. And we did one better and got both. Director Peter Carr first tells

The Shooting Show – cameraman goes Chinese water deer stalking

Chris Dalton is back down in Bedfordshire on one of his stalking jaunts to Paul Childerley’s patch. But he won’t be shooting while someone else films – in fact, it’ll be the other way around. Cameraman Shaz will be shooting

The Shooting Show – high-speed bunny bashing from a hide

Stuart Wilson’s built himself a new shooting hide, and what better way to test it than by setting up with the Ruger .22 and camping out for rabbits? With his newfound concealment and shooting platform, he’s in position to build

The Shooting Show – Highland stalker after an English roebuck

Mark Shone is used to hosting the Shooting Show team on their yearly jaunt to Glen Etive – now it’s time to repay the favour. He’s down in Yorkshire and we send him out for a buck – but he

The Shooting Show – wild Scottish roebuck PLUS the Northern Shooting Show 2019

Stuart Wilson and shooting buddy Linford have some roe control to take care of in a remote part of south-west Scotland. To maximise their time on the ground, there’s only one thing for it: Pack the tarps and hammock and

The Shooting Show – Big day at the pigeons PLUS the British Schools & Young Shots Championship 2019

PLEASE NOTE: this video was filmed earlier in the year, before the General Licences were revoked — We’re back down with Geoff, who says that – after months when all’s been quiet – he’s now got a bumper crop of

The Shooting Show – muntjac triple PLUS general licence news

Chris is back down in the south-east, with a team of rifles taking on more diminutive quarry than Chris is normally used to. Today, he’s out with Brian, stalking muntjac near the ‘big house’ on a country estate – and

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