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The Shooting Show – The Mouse Hind featuring Chris Dalton This week we’re back on the hill stalking hinds mid-season. Work is just starting on a new forest creation scheme, and I have to pay particular attention to Red Deer coming into

The Shooting Show – Festive Foxing In this week’s episode, Mark is out after some foxes at a local zoo to protect some exotic animals as well as thinning out some foxes on a nearby farm. SUBSCRIPTION OFFER: We are

The Shooting Show – Archangel Pheasants with Gerwyn Jones This week we follow top game shot, Gerywn Jones, shooting some Archangel Pheasants in an outstanding game shoot in Wales. SUBSCRIPTION OFFER: We are offering a 10% discount on all Field Sports

The Shooting Show – Geoff Garrod battles Crafty Corvids In this week’s instalment, Geoff was called up by his friend to help a farmer who’s having trouble with crows, rooks and jackdaws eating the cattle feed. Geoff has never specifically targeted corvids before,

The Shooting Show – Roe Due cull with Chris Dalton This week we’re at home in South Ayrshire where I’ve turned my attention to the Roe Doe cull, more specifically, I’m currently working on a nice block which comprises both broadleaf woodland and conifers,

The Shooting Show – ‘Unwary Foxes’ with Mark Ripley AKA 260 RIPS In this weeks episode, Mark Ripley tests the new Pulsar XG50 Krypton thermal add to the test in the field on some unwary foxes. SUBSCRIPTION OFFER:We are offering a 10% discount on

The Shooting Show – First Hinds week we are on the hill stalking hinds early in the season. Ordinarily, after the stags rut, I like to leave the hill to rest a while before starting on the hind to

The Shooting Show – Last of the Stag hunts in the Kinnaird Estate this week’s show, I’m at the Kinnaird Estate towards the end of the stag season and this feature covers both an afternoon and morning foray. Earlier that day, following a report of a

The Shooting Show – Geoff Garrod’s Lockdown Pigeons https://www.pulsar-nv.com story is that Geoff was called up by the farmer just before we entered November lockdown because pigeons and corvids were damaging his emerging winter wheat. Geoff dropped everything and went out the day before

The Shooting Show – Rutting stags with Chris Dalton some time now, Chris Dalton and the Ayrshire stalking team have wanted to film stags actually fighting, and the interaction between rival dominant stags and young stags as they all vie to cover

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