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The Shooting Show – Thames valley pigeon control with Gerwyn Jones This week Gerwyn Jones is in the Thames Valley, controlling pigeon numbers over the drillings. The birds are travelling from London to the Berkshire countryside, so Gerwyn uses the opportunity to keep numbers down

The Shooting Show – Roebucks and replanting with Chris Dalton Chris Dalton is out on a block of commercial forestry which requires close attention, particularly as there is a significant replant on site. Due to local construction, stalking has not been allowed

The Shooting Show – Testing the Swarovski dS2 riflescope with Chris Parkin This week, Chris Parkin gets his hands on the latest dS2 riflescope from Swarovski. Chris heads out to the range to put the 5-25x52P version to the test FULL EQUIPMENT LIST: Optics:– Swarovski dS

The Shooting Show – Foxing with Mark Ripley AKA 260RIPS This week we join Mark Ripley (260Rips) on another foxing outing this time with his foxing mate, also named Mark, as they head out on a farm with a high fox population. Mark

The Shooting Show – Matt Hunt tests the new Beretta Ultraleggero This week, we have an exclusive shotgun test as Matt Hunt is among the first people to test the brand new Beretta Ultraleggero at the Holland & Holland shooting ground. KIT LIST: Gun:

The Shooting Show – South African Crops Protection In this programme, we follow Andreas Jensen’s dove and pigeon shooting in Freestate, South Africa. Local farmers lose about a third of their harvest to doves and pigeons, so they are considered a pest.

The Shooting Show – Foxing with Mark Ripley and the Accolade Thermal Binos This week we join Mark Ripley (260Rips) on another foxing outing this time using the Accolade 2 thermal binos and the Thermion 2 xp50, both from Pulsar. Mark’s full kit list:Optics: – Pulsar

The Shooting Show – First roebuck of the season with Chris Dalton This week, Chris Dalton encounters a roadblock, restricting access to his intended stalking site. Instead, he must stalk from his vehicle, along a couple of large glens and down to the roe

The Shooting Show – Steel Shot with Geoff Garrod week Geoff Garrod is back on the pigeons. He is joined by Tony Bromwich, as the pair head out to protect the farm’s rape crop and discuss the future of steel shot. Geoff’s kit list: Gun:

The Shooting Show – Mauser and Kahles This week, Chris Parkin gets to grips with the new Mauser M18 long range chassis rifle. Chris’ set up includes the Kahles K252i DLR Riflescope which comes in handy as he rattles steel targets from range! 

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