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Mark Ripley puts the new Pulsar Thermion 2 Thermal Rifle Scope through its paces , In this week’s episode, Mark Ripley heads out onto the freshly cut fields after foxes using the new Pulsar Thermion 2 Thermal Rifle Scope and the Accolade 2 Thermal Binoculars. FULL KIT

Bluebell Roe Buck featuring Chris Dalton Chris has noted a good number of Roebucks near Garrryloop and it’s now is a good time to start addressing this. Having left a couple of the slightly more mature beasts early into

Mark Ripley test the Pulsar Krypton Thermal Scope week we join Mark Ripley as he tests out the pulsar krypton thermal scope add on from Thomas Jacks, on his trusty 260 Remington and heads out after foxes… FULL KIT LISTOptics:– Pulsar Accolade

Chris Parkin reviews the all-new Sauer 100 Stainless XTA in 308 This week we join Chris Parkin in North Yorkshire as he puts the all-new Sauer 100 Stainless XTA in 308 from Blaser UK through its paces!Full equipment list: Optics: – Scope is Minox

The Shooting Show ft. Mark Ripley (AKA 260Rips) and the Rico RH50 Thermal Rifle Scope this week’s episode, we follow Mark Ripley as he heads out on a bid to control the fox numbers on his permissions using the Pulsar Accolade 2 PRO thermal binos and the

The Shooting Show – Thames valley pigeon control with Gerwyn Jones This week Gerwyn Jones is in the Thames Valley, controlling pigeon numbers over the drillings. The birds are travelling from London to the Berkshire countryside, so Gerwyn uses the opportunity to keep numbers down

The Shooting Show – Roebucks and replanting with Chris Dalton Chris Dalton is out on a block of commercial forestry which requires close attention, particularly as there is a significant replant on site. Due to local construction, stalking has not been allowed

The Shooting Show – Testing the Swarovski dS2 riflescope with Chris Parkin This week, Chris Parkin gets his hands on the latest dS2 riflescope from Swarovski. Chris heads out to the range to put the 5-25x52P version to the test FULL EQUIPMENT LIST: Optics:– Swarovski dS

The Shooting Show – Foxing with Mark Ripley AKA 260RIPS This week we join Mark Ripley (260Rips) on another foxing outing this time with his foxing mate, also named Mark, as they head out on a farm with a high fox population. Mark

The Shooting Show – Matt Hunt tests the new Beretta Ultraleggero This week, we have an exclusive shotgun test as Matt Hunt is among the first people to test the brand new Beretta Ultraleggero at the Holland & Holland shooting ground. KIT LIST: Gun:

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