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The Shooting Show – Pea protection with Gerwyn Jones This week Gerwyn Jones is out for a spot of crop protection, targeting pigeons over a pea field. As well as setting up his hide, Gerwyn also explains why crop protection is essential

Reducing fox numbers with Mark Ripley

In this week’s episode we follow Mark Ripley as he heads out on the freshly cut fields in a bid to reduce fox numbers in preparation for the coming shooting season, using the new Pulsar Helion 2 XP50 pro and

A family roebuck stalk with Thomas Nissen https://www.pulsar-nv.com In this week’s episode of The Shooting Show, Daniel Smith brings his daughter Phoebe to spot whilst stalking roebuck. Together with Phoebe, Daniel gets in a position to take the roebuck but must wait until the buck

Pigeons and ear defenders with Geoff Garrod

This week Geoff Garrod is joined in the hide by Martin Dickman from Puretone. Whilst clearing local farmland of invading pigeons, Geoff and Martin discuss the importance of ear defence and look at Geoff’s favourite in-ear plugs from CENS Digital,

Fairway Foxing with Mark Ripley The local fox population has again reached large numbers on the local golf course and foxes have been digging up the green and leaving unwelcome deposits in the sands and around the clubhouse!We join Mark

Calling Dorset Roebucks with Daniel Smith In the episode, Thomas Lindy Nissen follows Daniel Smith stalking roebucks in the rut. Over a couple of days, Daniel stalks the beautiful Dorset landscape on his own farm. In the chase of an old

Pigeons over barley with Geoff Garrod barley at the milky stage, protecting crops from pigeons is essential. This week Geoff uses the Mossberg .410 and Browning Maxus to deal with the invading birds.FULL KIT LIST:Gun:– Browning Maxus– Mossberg .410 Hush PowerClothing:–

Mark Ripley puts the new Pulsar Thermion 2 Thermal Rifle Scope through its paces , In this week’s episode, Mark Ripley heads out onto the freshly cut fields after foxes using the new Pulsar Thermion 2 Thermal Rifle Scope and the Accolade 2 Thermal Binoculars. FULL KIT

Bluebell Roe Buck featuring Chris Dalton Chris has noted a good number of Roebucks near Garrryloop and it’s now is a good time to start addressing this. Having left a couple of the slightly more mature beasts early into

Mark Ripley test the Pulsar Krypton Thermal Scope week we join Mark Ripley as he tests out the pulsar krypton thermal scope add on from Thomas Jacks, on his trusty 260 Remington and heads out after foxes… FULL KIT LISTOptics:– Pulsar Accolade

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