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From the Archives: Early season driven grouse on Farndale Moor

The grouse season is in full swing here in 2019, but for From the Archives, we’re taking you back to 2017 to revisit how director Pete Carr got on during a day of driven grouse. We’ve assembled the crack shots

The Shooting Show – evening and morning Chinese water deer stalk

In one final instalment of Chris Dalton’s trip down south with a team of rifles in tow, he has a double outing at Chinese water deer planned with guest gun Ric. We’re mainly after cull beasts, but Ric has said

The Shooting Show – calling roebucks at the end of the rut

The rut is on – in fact, in some areas it’s already finished. Presenter Pete Carr grabs a moment to head out with the Merkel Helix rifle as the rut is just coming to a close in his native Yorkshire.

From the Archives – high-speed roebuck stalking w/ Pete Carr

Enjoyed this video? Don’t forget to subscribe to The Shooting Show for more! It’s August 2018 in this week’s From the Archives, and as we enter the roe rut season, we’re taking you back to a dramatic shoot with Pete

The Shooting Show – back out pigeon shooting with Geoff Garrod PLUS news from The Game Fair 2019

With the General Licences (mostly) restored, Geoff’s back out doing what he does best, and we’re out filming him on a hot day’s decoying. Though pigeon shooting is something Geoff’s enjoyed all his life, here he emphasises that crop control

The Shooting Show – foxing with the Pulsar Thermion scope

Mark Ripley is a man on a mission. He’s out in search of vulpine predators that have been raiding gardens in his area. This job requires knowhow, stealth and the very best kit – so it’s fitting that Mark’s testing

The Shooting Show: From the Archives – rimfire vs centrefire rabbiting

Stuart Wilson has a rabbit problem to take care of, and he’s assembled his best rimfire set-up for the job. Loading his Browning T Bolt with Winchester subsonics, he’s topping the rig with an ATN X Sight II, which not

The Shooting Show – late-season game shooting at Burton Agnes — Link to the NEC petition: — This week we travel back to the final days of the 2018/19 game seasons, as guns convene on Burton Agnes estate for a day at the pheasants. Shooting Show regulars including

The Shooting Show: From the Archives – roebuck stalking with a newcomer

Welcome to the latest edition of The Shooting Show: From the Archives! In this week’s episode, we look ahead to the 2019 roe rut by taking you back to highlights from the 2017 season. Pete and Stuart welcome a team

The Shooting Show – roebuck stalking and skinning with Chris Dalton

We’re back up in Scotland with Chris as he goes on a number of outings after the bucks. Of course, things are never easy, and whenever the bucks show up the camera isn’t there and vice versa… When Chris finally

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