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The Shooting Show – oilseed pigeon shooting with Geoff Garrod

Geoff’s back, and he has some winter crop protection to do. The pigeons are hammering an oilseed crop field, and as Geoff shows, the damage they can do even in a single day is staggering. So it’s time to stoke

The Shooting Show – back-garden foxing with Mark Ripley Long-range foxer Mark ‘260rips’ Ripley has a rather shorter-range engagement to tackle… Foxes have invaded his garden, and they are posing all sorts of health risks and dangers. They need to go, and Mark needs to devise a cunning

The Shooting Show – wondrous Welsh driven game shooting Our destination for the day is Llechweddygarth, another Welsh estate that’s in the true premier league of British game shoots. Gerwyn is our gun, and he’s loaded up with Eley Zeniths and ready to go. Let’s see how he

The Shooting Show – our definitive top ten shots

With another year drawing to a close, we round up our very best footage – not just from this year, but from last year too. That’s about 100 episodes to pick from. Check out what we chose – and let

The Shooting Show – spectacular high-bird shooting at Brigands We’ve sent the camera team to Brigands, one of the prestigious shoots in the land and home to some classic Welsh high pheasants. Who better to tackle them than Gerwyn Jones, who puts his shooting skills – and his

TSS From the Archives: Behind the scenes at Eley Hawk

Eley Hawk’s VIP Steel Pro Eco Wad has been shortlisted at the second annual Great British Shooting Awards in the Shotgun Ammo of the Year category, and in this week’s From the Archives, we go back to 2018 and re-live

The Shooting Show – first-day red hind stalk with Chris Dalton We’ve been busy filming and editing to bring you a red hind stalk just a couple of weeks after the season opens in Scotland. In fact, we join Chris Dalton on the very first day, as he heads out

The Shooting Show – opportune fox control with Stuart Wilson We join Stuart Wilson as he ascends a high seat on his home turf. He’s after a late-season buck, but something else entirely ends up making an appearance. With a fox in his sights, can Stuart put the Blaser

TSS From the Archives: fast-flying pheasants

In the latest edition of From the Archives, we go back to November 2018 for another pheasant shoot in Burton Agnes. We bring you an action-packed shoot from earlier this game season, as the Shooting Show team – led by

The Shooting Show – first game day of the season at Burton Agnes With the pheasant season under way for 2019/20, we’ve assembled The Shooting Show’s crack team of guns at Burton Agnes estate for a mid-October shoot. We follow director Pete as he stokes up his Browning shotgun for the first

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