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The Shooting Show – Geoff Garrod’s Lockdown Pigeons https://www.pulsar-nv.com story is that Geoff was called up by the farmer just before we entered November lockdown because pigeons and corvids were damaging his emerging winter wheat. Geoff dropped everything and went out the day before

The Shooting Show – Rutting stags with Chris Dalton some time now, Chris Dalton and the Ayrshire stalking team have wanted to film stags actually fighting, and the interaction between rival dominant stags and young stags as they all vie to cover

The Shooting Show – Fox hunting with the all-new Wraith 4K Pro from Scott Country International In this week’s episode, we join Mark and shooting partner, Gary, as they head out after Foxes on a windy night with the Sightmark Wraith HD and the all-new Wraith 4K Pro from Scott

The Shooting Show – Follow the fallow buck rut with Mark Ripley week Mark heads out with Gary after some elusive fallow bucks at the end of the rut before tackling a chicken thieving fox on a local dairy farm. SUBSCRIPTION OFFER: We are offering a

The Shooting Show – Protecting Pheasants with Mark Ripley and the Wraith HD this week’s episode, we join Mark as he heads out after one or two foxes that have been taking pheasant poults from a nearby wood on a local game shoot. SUBSCRIPTION OFFER: We

The Shooting Show – Protecting new growth from red deer https://www.pulsar-nv.com Having spotted some reds coming off the hill onto a vulnerable restock site which has only recently been planted, an inspection soon confirmed the damage that was being done. It was also close to a

The Shooting Show – Post-harvest foxing with Stuart Wilson After a difficult series of nights trying to catch up with some post-harvest foxes, will the ‘curse of the cameraman’ finally lift… SUBSCRIPTION OFFER: We are offering a 10% discount on all Field Sports magazine subscriptions.

The Shooting Show – South Ayrshire for the start of the roe doe season We are out in South Ayrshire as we approach the start of the roe doe season. It is towards the end of my cull but I wanted to check one of the

The Shooting Show – The Last of the Summer Roebuck with Pete Carr Sporting Rifle editor Pete Carr heads out after late-season roebuck on the autumn stubbles in North Yorkshire during difficult windy conditions to try and complete his cull plan. Using his favoured Merkel Helix-Swarovski

The Shooting Show – Mark Ripley’s Foxing Bonanza with Sightmark Wraith HD In this week’s episode we’re out foxing with Mark Ripley, who is on a farm that has been overrun with semi-urban foxes! Watch all the action here: SUBSCRIPTION OFFER: We

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