The Shooting Show — German boar, woodcock and rimfire coots

We’ve gone all out with a hunting triple bill for episode forty-nine of The Shooting Show.

In our main feature, we return to the same area of Germany that saw us capture such incredible boar shooting footage last December. We’ve taken Andy Crow with us again and set him up with all the top-quality equipment you could ever need – but there’s an added complication in the form of an unexpected snowfall that has covered the forest. It’s made the local fauna more wary than ever – but there’ll still be some action. The question is, will Andy and our film crew be near it?

Back on these shores, rifle expert Tim Pilbeam has some population control to take care of. But it’s not bunnies or pigeons: it’s coots, which have become locally overpopulous on the marshes. Taking his .17 HMR to the task, he explains his choice of kit and why coot control is necessary – as well as dropping the birds on camera.

And there’s another bird in our sights: the elusive and fast-flying woodcock. Byron and a friend head out amid fresh snow for a quick chance at a brace – but if you know anything about woodcock shooting, you’ll know it’s never easy.

All that plus the Shooting Show news. We really have spoiled you this week.


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