The Shooting Show – Foxing on Skye and South African blesbuck

Scott Mackenzie, previously seen taking us stalking in Skye, returns to the isle this time with foxes in his sights. Very little of his land is reachable by vehicle, so the old-fashioned method on foot with lamp and rifle is called for. There’s always a challenge to be had, whether it’s wary foxes staying out of range or a shot fox proving impossible to locate.
And we’re back in Africa, with Patrick de Beer of Mugaba Safaris the guide and Paul Childerley the man behind the rifle. Paul gets to stalk two quarry species in one: first, a mature male ostrich, then an old blesbok ram. Time’s against him but some fine shooting from Paul saves the day – and we get it all on camera.
We also bring you the Shooting Show news, with everything you need to know from British shooting gold medals to calls for boar culls and the launch of Sporting Rifle Africa.


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