The Shooting Show – Pigeon shooting with a young gun and Scott the Fox custom calls

Geoff Garrod is calling on his years of experience and guiding youngster Charlie Tebbit through a day in the hide at the pigeons. Charlie’s just 13, but he knows how to handle his Browning shotgun, and, after quickly downing his first bird, is keen to prove to Geoff – and the Shooting Show’s viewers – that his first shot was no fluke. Despite his mentoring role, Geoff can’t resist as the pigeons fly in, and shows Charlie the skills he will learn with more practice.

Elsewhere, Scott Mackenzie, Skye’s premier foxer and Shooting Show regular, shows us behind the scenes of his custom fox call making operation.

As always, the Shooting Show news is bringing you the week’s biggest stories, including BASC stating the benefit of grouse shooting ahead of the Glorious Twelfth, a new thermal riflescope and a rise in bird of prey numbers in the UK.

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