The Shooting Show — corvid clean-up and Geco ballistic bone test

This week we’re with Mark Gilchrist as he targets corvids with his Beretta semi-auto. The decoys are set and the hide is built, but the only thing missing are the birds. Distant reports from shooting pal Harry’s shotgun prove the crafty crows are about, but will Mark end the day empty handed?

Byron’s back with his ballistic gel and Geco’s .308 Win Plus, a round designed for big game. The test is tougher this time, as the bullet has to prove itself against the gel and punch through bone — or a piece of PVC piping in this case.

As always the Shooting Show news has its finger on the shooting world’s pulse, with news of Commonwealth Games shooting team announcements, DEFRA’s conservation drive and the Shooting Show’s sister YouTube show, the Airgun Show.

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