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The Shooting Show – ‘field to fork’ pigeon shooting and cookery

Doyle has promised that he’ll show us his patented pigeon recipe and we’re all ears. There’s just one thing we need to do first – get some pigeons to demonstrate it on… So, heading to a barley field that’s plagued

The Shooting Show – stag stalking on the first day of the season

Chris Dalton takes us out for an early-season red stag stalk in Perthshire. It might not be the prime season for majestic pursuits on the hill, but a professional stalker needs to take advantage of every opportunity, and Chris has

The Shooting Show – heatwave pigeon shooting with Geoff Garrod

NGO vice-chairman and pigeon shooter extraordinaire is back out doing what he does best – bringing the winged pests to justice. He grabs his Browning Maxus, Eley shells and Enforcer decoys and sets out arranging the deeks ready for an

The Shooting Show – double roe stalk with Irish hunters

We’ve invited two Irish lads to come over to Shooting Show homeland in Yorkshire for a chance at a species they don’t get on home turf. Jason Doyle and John Foxton try different tactics as John stalks on foot and

The Shooting Show – rainy rabbiting with the ATN X Sight

Stuart Wilson descends on a rabbit-infested field with two goals. First, to undertake some long-overdue pest control. And second, to give the ATN X Sight 3-14x a proper test atop the Browning T Bolt rimfire. Find out what Stuart thinks

The Shooting Show – behind the scenes at Rothwell

We despatch Jason Doyle to Lincolnshire and one of the country’s most famed driven shoots, Rothwell. Catching up with head keeper John Pyle, he learns what keepers are up to at this time of year and just how much hard

The Shooting Show – Roebucks with the Red Devils

    Peter Carr and Stuart Wilson are guiding two members of the Red Devils display team on their first ever roebuck stalk. Stuart and Steve go for a stake-out in a high seat, while Pete and Frenchie stalk the

The Shooting Show – red and fallow deer stalking in New Zealand

International hunting guide Ben Tumata and client Rob head out with a specific aim in mind: To fill the freezer. With two days to do it, we stalk high and low in search of fallow or red – but this

The Airgun Show – pigeon control over decoys PLUS the MTC Rapier rangefinder on test

Newcomer to the Airgun Show team, Andy Watkins is thrown in at the deep end – he has some serious pigeon control to take care of to placate an angry farmer. This is to be a wait-and-see hunt, with decoys

The Shooting Show – urban fallow stalking in Yorkshire

Chris Dalton departs his usual patch in Ayrshire for a rather unusual stalk south of the border. He’s stalking on the edge of a town in West Yorkshire, with commuter traffic and intruding dog-walkers galore – a far cry from

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