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The Shooting Show – muntjac with a veteran PLUS the British Shooting Show 2019

Chris Dalton is down south on Geoff Garrod’s patch, and he’s brought Stevie – the army veteran who lost both legs in an IED incident – down to try for his first muntjac. It’s the third step in his attempt

The Shooting Show – roe doe stalk with the Purdey BAR rifle, PLUS Wicked Lights torch on test

We’re out on the range with something very special: A Purdey bolt-action rifle, possibly the ultimate in London-made rifle craftsmanship. Stuart Wilson and Nigel Musto have set out the gongs ready to test it at increasing ranges – but before

The Shooting Show – frosty red hind and roe doe in Perthshire

Scottish stalking supremo Chris Dalton is busy guiding two clients as they undertake witnessed stalks for their DSC2 qualification. With temperatures plummeting, the students are hardly going to have an easy time of it; but under Chris’s patient guidance, an

The Shooting Show – late-season mixed game shooting

Driven birds may be the premier league of shotgun sport (and expense) in the UK, but anyone who’s been shooting walked-up knows of the pure joy and exhilaration this kind of shooting can bring. Which is best? Well why not

The Shooting Show – high-flying Yorkshire pheasant and partridge

Our January game shooting bonanza continues. This week we’re back up in Yorkshire, as presenter Pete leads a team of guns out at Burton Agnes estate, overseen by the legendary David Nesfield. In fact, it’s a Carr double, as Shaun Carr

The Shooting Show – spectacular game shooting at Chargot Estate

We’re down in the south-west of England for a day’s pheasant and partridge shooting in Exmoor’s rolling hills and valleys. Gerwyn Jones and shoot manager Caleb Sutton take us through the day’s action as the team of guns contend with

The Shooting Show – red stag and hind in high winds

Chris Dalton and a Swiss stalking guest head out for a double outing at the reds at the back end of last year’s stag season. But conditions threaten to thwart them, with gale-force winds making even getting on the hill

The Shooting Show – our bloopers and outtakes from 2018

As ever, in 2018 The Shooting Show’s team of expert cameramen and guns turned out some of the greatest shooting footage anywhere in the world. And along the way we got some of the worst too… Enjoy this selection of

The Shooting Show – searching for ptarmigan in Glen Etive

Merry Christmas from all at The Shooting Show! As our present to you, here’s some of the remotest, most challenging shotgun sport available in the UK: ptarmigan at high altitude on the tops above Glen Etive. Our team of guns

The Shooting Show – duck flighting triple bill

We’re out at the ducks in Yorkshire – not once, not twice, but three nights in a row. Ian and Nick are our resident guns, one shouldering an old side-by-side and the other a nifty Browning 28-bore o/u. But regardless

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