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The Shooting Show – early season driven grouse on Farndale Moor

We’ve assembled the crack shots of the Shooting Show team just a few days after the Twelfth for a sun-soaked day of driven grouse courtesy of Bernard Moss and his well-marshaled keepering team at Farndale. Director Peter Carr is in

The Shooting Show – muntjac fever with Jason Doyle

We asked Jason Doyle what species he’d like to hunt next on the show. Think big, we said. But he did the opposite and picked muntjac… Well, they don’t get them in Ireland. Ascending one of the prime high seats

The Shooting Show – high seat roebuck on a German shooting estate

We’ve headed to a prestigious German estate for a shooting experience testing Geco optics. But it’s not just about bench testing. Geco’s Maruan Al Hammoud has a practical test in mind, and he takes us up one of the best

The Shooting Show – red hind stalk and Argo extraction

Stalking doesn’t get much harder than red hinds on the hill, and Chris Dalton proves it when he heads out in the middle of winter to take a cull hind that’s causing the shepherd some problems. On this terrain, stalking

The Shooting Show – high-seat roebuck with the Parachute Regiment

Two weeks ago, Pete was jumping out of a plane with the Parachute Regiment’s display team. Now, we’re back on the ground with the paras, with a roebuck in our sights. Stuart Wilson takes stalking newcomer Callum out for a

The Airgun Show – day-night rabbit shooting with the ATN X-Sight 2 PLUS BSA Supersport SE on test

With the nights drawing in, hunters will be turning their attention to after-dark pest control. Mat Manning is out after rabbits with his ATN X-Sight II night vision set up and the Brocock Compatto air rifle, and he sees more

The Shooting show – pigeon century with a Danish gun

We welcome a new face to The Shooting Show: Nicolaj Ring, who hails from Denmark but has a hankering for a bit of British sport. And he’s a crack shot at it too, as he shows when he heads to

The Shooting Show – the director’s parachute jump PLUS The Game Fair 2017

— DONATE TO THE FUND FOR SAVE THE RHINO NOW: — Earlier this year, director Pete took out a pair from the Red Devils – the Parachute Regiment’s display team – for a roebuck stalk. They promised to repay

The Shooting Show – ‘field to fork’ pigeon shooting and cookery

Doyle has promised that he’ll show us his patented pigeon recipe and we’re all ears. There’s just one thing we need to do first – get some pigeons to demonstrate it on… So, heading to a barley field that’s plagued

The Shooting Show – stag stalking on the first day of the season

Chris Dalton takes us out for an early-season red stag stalk in Perthshire. It might not be the prime season for majestic pursuits on the hill, but a professional stalker needs to take advantage of every opportunity, and Chris has

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