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The Shooting Show – Highland stalker after an English roebuck

Mark Shone is used to hosting the Shooting Show team on their yearly jaunt to Glen Etive – now it’s time to repay the favour. He’s down in Yorkshire and we send him out for a buck – but he

The Shooting Show – wild Scottish roebuck PLUS the Northern Shooting Show 2019

Stuart Wilson and shooting buddy Linford have some roe control to take care of in a remote part of south-west Scotland. To maximise their time on the ground, there’s only one thing for it: Pack the tarps and hammock and

The Shooting Show – Big day at the pigeons PLUS the British Schools & Young Shots Championship 2019

PLEASE NOTE: this video was filmed earlier in the year, before the General Licences were revoked — We’re back down with Geoff, who says that – after months when all’s been quiet – he’s now got a bumper crop of

The Shooting Show – muntjac triple PLUS general licence news

Chris is back down in the south-east, with a team of rifles taking on more diminutive quarry than Chris is normally used to. Today, he’s out with Brian, stalking muntjac near the ‘big house’ on a country estate – and

The Shooting Show – mixed bag of squirrel and fallow deer

Stuart Wilson’s got two quarry species in mind, at both ends of the size scale: grey squirrel and late-season fallow does and prickets. No, not with the same rifle – he’s selected a Ruger Precision rimfire for the tree-rats, and

The Shooting Show – lamping rabbits with the Ruger Precision

We head out for some pest control with the .22 – and there’s two of us too. Jim Smith gladly takes over duties on the Ruger Precision, leaving Stuart to concentrate on the camera. With plenty of ground to cover,

The Shooting Show – back out at the pigeons with Geoff Garrod

We’ve been hassling Geoff for some time asking when we can film him pigeon shooting again – but a shortage of the avian pest has meant he’s kept us waiting. However, the arrival of springtime brings with it a new

The Shooting Show – last-minute roe doe stalk on 30 March

Today may be the first day of the roebuck season, but there’s still time for us to bring you a final roe doe stalk from the back end of March. Pete and Stuart are out on the penultimate day of

The Shooting Show – three muntjac in a row with Chris Dalton

Chris Dalton has joined up with Paul Childerley for a week’s sport down south, taking a team of guest stalkers and swapping his usual red and sika for a more diminutive deer species. After an initial blank at the fallow,

The Shooting Show – blustery bunnies with the Ruger Precision .22

Stuart’s out testing his new Ruger Precision .22 rimfire, first on the range then on an evening’s excursion after rabbits. But the weather’s not playing ball: high winds curtail the range test, then conditions worsen as rain sets in for

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