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The Shooting Show – duck flighting triple bill

We’re out at the ducks in Yorkshire – not once, not twice, but three nights in a row. Ian and Nick are our resident guns, one shouldering an old side-by-side and the other a nifty Browning 28-bore o/u. But regardless

The Shooting Show – carrion crow control with a rimfire rifle

Stuart Wilson steps out from behind the Shooting Show cameras to attend to some winged pest control on his home turf. Tasked with reducing the local crow population, he grabs his Savage .22LR, sets up behind the blind and waits.

The Shooting Show – scenic hind stalking in Scotland

We’re out with Chris Dalton back in the middle of last year’s hind season, on a new estate in Perthshire. He’s only there for a recce and to put up a few high seats – when he discovers a high

The Shooting Show – fast-flying pheasants on the Burton Agnes estate

We bring you an action-packed shoot from earlier this game season, as the Shooting Show team – led by the director’s brother Shaun Carr – heads to Burton Agnes estate in East Yorkshire. With perfect conditions, the guns are raring

The Shooting Show – Rimfire pest control on rabbits and pigeons

Even with the game season and deer culls in full swing, you can never neglect your pest control duties – and Stuart Wilson has a rabbit population he needs to reduce. So, grabbing his Savage .22LR, it’s time for some

The Shooting Show – Day and night fox control with Mark Ripley

Long-range foxing supremo and Sporting Rifle Magazine contributor Mark Ripley is out on a protracted foxing mission on the South Downs. First, he’s out in the daytime, waiting out for a fox from a well-chosen vantage point. But his work’s

The Shooting Show – roe doe stalking with Chris Dalton and Zosia

With the roe doe season beginning, we travel back in time to last year’s doe season with Chris Dalton and new deer dog, Zosia. He’s already shot a stag this morning (as previously featured on the show), and he’s not

The Shooting Show – behind the scenes at Eley Hawk

Leading cartridge maker Eley Hawk is 190 years old – and to mark the occasion, presenter Pete heads to their Minworth headquarters to get a glimpse of how shotgun cartridges have evolved over the years. But it’s not all about

The Shooting Show – red stag stalking on the hill in Glen Etive

We’re back in the Highlands for another stag stalk amid breathtaking scenery. The previous day, Horst, a German guest, was lucky enough to take a stag. Today, though, is Reiner’s turn on the rifle. It’s the last day of a

The Shooting Show – top-class pheasant and partridge at Farndale

We’ve visited Farndale on many occasions to film its grouse shoots – now it’s time for some different shooting. Back in November 2017, we headed to the estate as Bernard Moss put on a mixed day of pheasant and partridge

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