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The Shooting Show – early-season 2018 roebuck stalking

Stuart and hunting buddy Griff have been out since day one of the roebuck season trying to get a film in the can. And they’ve finally done it. On a hunting permission in south-west Scotland, the boys have lined up

The Shooting Show – late-season game shooting in Lincolnshire

The Rothwell estate has provided some of the finest shooting we’ve ever captured on camera – and we headed there again at the end of the 2017/18 game season. With the wind up and the pheasants strong on the wing,

The Shooting Show – end-of-season roe doe stalk in Dumfriesshire

Stuart Wilson is on a stalking ground in south-west Scotland and time is running out to complete the cull. Drafting in a stalking buddy, he’s out for an evening stalk, covering as much ground as he can in a limited

The Shooting Show – Geoff Garrod’s pigeon double century

We’ve sent Geoff Garrod a brand-new Browning Maxus with camo finish, and he can’t wait to get out there and try it out. With a full day’s decoying ahead of us, we settle in to see what Geoff and his

The Shooting Show – roe doe stalk and gralloching tips

Back in the depths of winter, Chris Dalton is out on a solo stalk, trying to make a dent in the roe doe cull. With a fruitless evening stalk followed by a chilly morning outing, he’ll have to put in

The Shooting Show – small-bore crow and rabbit control PLUS news from IWA 2018

Geoff Garrod has 24 hours of serious vermin control ahead of him: out at first light for a day of mixed crow and pigeon control, then doing the rounds on the quad at night after rabbits. To make things more

The Shooting Show – wildfowling at first and last light

In the final instalment of the Shooting Show team’s trip to Orkney, we send the boys and girls on their darkest, wettest excursion yet. It’s a 24-hour wildfowling extravaganza as we are out before first light for a morning flight

The Shooting Show – bringing on the next generation of shooters at EJ Churchill

We bring you a special show tonight, hosted by Eley Hawk and EJ Churchill and featuring Oxford University Clay Pigeon Shooting Club. This team of shooting students – a diverse group with everyone from total beginners to crack shots –

The Shooting Show – gun’s-eye-view game shoot PLUS the British Shooting Show 2018

We’re at the Rickling Hall shoot for some late-season action, and the day fulfils all of its potential. With fast-flying birds left, right and centre, there’s plenty to challenge even a seasoned gun like Geoff Garrod. What’s more, we’ve equipped

The Shooting Show – duck and pigeon mixed day

Going to back to last year’s game season, we bring you a never-before-seen gem from the Shooting Show archives. Heading to Lincolnshire, we have a full day’s sport planned across a mixed bag of species – but not a pheasant

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