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The Shooting Show – fast-paced driven wild boar in Poland

We’ve joined forces with Norma, heading to Poland for a press hunt that’s also a perfect opportunity to test the ammo manufacturer’s non-lead Eco Strike rounds. And there’s no better test than fast-moving, resilient wild boar. Jason Doyle faces the

The Shooting Show – high-seat doe and fox vigil in Yorkshire

We’ve headed out for a sneaky filming excursion between Christmas and New Year, with director Pete Carr guiding Tom Barry on an afternoon’s high seat vigil. Roe doe is our chosen quarry – but when does stalking ever go to

The Shooting Show – our biggest bloopers, outtakes and mistakes of 2017

Happy new year from all at The Shooting Show! We’ve spent all of 2017 putting together the very best hunting and shooting footage the world has to offer… and we just happen to have messed up a few times along

The Shooting Show Christmas special – New Zealand mountain hunt

Happy Christmas to all our viewers! As our gift to you, we bring you a tahr hunt in New Zealand, with Jason Doyle and Will O’Meara behind the rifles and Ben Tumata our expert guide. This is mountain hunting at

The Shooting Show – wild duck shooting in the Highlands

We’re back in Glen Etive, the home of the most spectacular stag stalks we’ve ever filmed on The Shooting Show. But today we’ve put the rifles back in the cabinet and reached for the 12-bores instead. It’s an evening flight

The Shooting Show – stunning stag double at Dalness

In one of our most ambitious shows of the year, we’ve returned to the Highlands of Scotland, making the Dalness Estate our home for two days. Director Pete is on the ground, but he’s not pulling the trigger – instead

The Shooting Show – partridge perfection on the Burton Agnes estate

We’re back at one of our most beloved game shooting locations, Burton Agnes in Yorkshire. The Shooting Show’s team decamps for some early-season game, with partridge the main focus of the day and a few pheasants on top of that.

The Shooting Show – Orkney wildfowling double bill

We’ve sent The Shooting Show’s crack team northwards to Orkney for some of the most challenging shotgun sport you can think of: goose shooting amid the typically wet and windy weather. Guide Ray Waters has two outings planned for us:

The Shooting Show – indoor hunting at Holland & Holland’s Schiesskino

We’ve sent Jason Doyle to the UK’s first ‘Schiesskino’, or indoor shooting cinema, at Holland & Holland. Offering the chance to shoot simulated driven boar and big game using a real rifle and ammo, the system gives you feedback on

The Shooting Show – stubble field pigeons with the Enforcer flapper

We join Geoff back in early autumn with the stubble still on the fields, and some pigeon control to do. Grabbing his decoys, he uses the opportunity to put Enforcer’s pigeon flapper to the test – a test it more

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