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The Shooting Show – stubble field pigeons with the Enforcer flapper

We join Geoff back in early autumn with the stubble still on the fields, and some pigeon control to do. Grabbing his decoys, he uses the opportunity to put Enforcer’s pigeon flapper to the test – a test it more

The Shooting Show – rimfire vs centrefire rabbiting

Stuart Wilson has a rabbit problem to take care of, and he’s assembled his best rimfire set-up for the job. Loading his Browning T Bolt with Winchester subsonics, he’s topping the rig with an ATN X Sight II, which not

The Shooting Show – buck, stag and hind triple in Scotland

Chris Dalton has been given an urgent forestry protection mission, with red deer moving down off the hill and causing real damage to a plantation. This is where an out-of-season licence comes into play, allowing Chris to take hinds without

The Shooting Show – Geoff Garrod’s hardest ever day at the pigeons

We’ve assembled a crack duo of pigeon shots as Geoff Garrod accompanies Save The Rhino donor Peter Jones on a day at the doos. The deeks are out, the shotguns stoked with Eleys and the boys are up to the

The Shooting Show – German buck at the height of the rut

A few weeks ago we headed out with Geco’s Maruan Al Hammoud for the first time. Now he takes out again on the same prestigious estate, with an extremely old buck in his sights – one that really needs to

The Shooting Show – stag stalking in the rain with a first-timer

We’re in Glen Etive in an attempt to secure a red stag for first-time hill stalker Carly. Well, actually we’ve been at it for a week already, but poor weather and uncooperative deer have thwarted every attempt. We join Carly

The Shooting Show – double-teaming pigeons in Ireland

Jason Doyle is faced with a pigeon control mission so great that no one man can handle it. So it’s a job for two men: Jason and shooting buddy Warren Hogan, who has shot internationally for Ireland. The pair should

The Shooting Show – muntjac with the ATN X Sight II day-night scope

We’ve dispatched Stuart Wilson to a shooting estate in Essex for a unique test of the ATN X Sight unit. This week he’ll be testing its functionality as a day scope as he awaits a fallow pricket or muntjac doe

The Shooting Show – early season driven grouse on Farndale Moor

We’ve assembled the crack shots of the Shooting Show team just a few days after the Twelfth for a sun-soaked day of driven grouse courtesy of Bernard Moss and his well-marshaled keepering team at Farndale. Director Peter Carr is in

The Shooting Show – muntjac fever with Jason Doyle

We asked Jason Doyle what species he’d like to hunt next on the show. Think big, we said. But he did the opposite and picked muntjac… Well, they don’t get them in Ireland. Ascending one of the prime high seats

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