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The Shooting Show – double foxing outing in Ireland

It’s episode 252 of the The Shooting Show and we’ve got the foxing rifles out to mark the last few weeks of long nights. Jason Doyle leads the charge, heading out late at night for a traditional foray with lamp and caller.


The Shooting Show – hind stalking and deer dog training

Chris Dalton returns to the Strone Estate – the new ground we saw him on just a few weeks back – for another crack at the kinds. Guest Killian is behind the rifle as the pair stalk into three beasts


The Shooting Show – pigeon shooting bonanza with Geoff Garrod PLUS news from IWA 2017

First, we’re back with Geoff Garrod in Essex, and the pigeon supremo has a shooting guest: charity bidder Alan Tyte. The two set up in one of Geoff’s favourite spots, ready for action – but at first it seems like


The Shooting Show – night-and-day sika stalking in County Wicklow

Jason Doyle and Shooting Show newcomer Will O’Meara are out on the hill after sika hinds and calves. But this isn’t just any hunting excursion – it’s preparation for a trip to New Zealand later this year. So the boys


The Shooting Show – last-minute game shooting on 31 January

We’re at the Rothwell estate in Lincolnshire on the last day of January – the final day of the woodcock season and penultimate day of the pheasant season. Jason Doyle was last seen in educational mode with Carly Coates, but


The Shooting Show – red hinds on the Strone estate PLUS the British Shooting Show 2017

Chris Dalton is out stalking again, but there’s a difference. First, he’s out on new ground in Argyll. Second, we’ve had a change of quarry to red hinds. And Chris isn’t stalking himself – instead he’s getting behind the camera


The Shooting Show – tutoring a new gun on a driven pheasant shoot

We’re at Burton Agnes estate and today it’s a driven pheasant shoot – and there’s a newcomer in our midst. Carly Coates is the green gun, but there’s no need for her to be nervous – Jason Doyle is her knight


The Shooting Show – rough shooting in the fog at Burton Agnes

We’re at the Burton Agnes estate in East Yorkshire, home of some of our most memorable game shooting videos from previous years. This time it’s a walked-up shoot, with pheasant, duck, snipe and more on the quarry list. With the


The Shooting Show – Irish pigeon shooting, the must-have Swarovski accessory and SHOT show 2017

First, Jason Doyle sets about his new year’s resolution early: to keep up the pigeon control on his ground. He’s at it on 31 December, shouldering his Miroku stoked up with Eley loads to see out the year with a

Thumb 2017-01-16

The Shooting Show – rainy driven pheasants in Essex

Gamekeeping supremo Geoff Garrod turns gun for the day, swapping his more usual pigeons for pheasants on the Rickling Hall shoot in Essex. Loading up with Eley Zenith 20-bore shells, he’s ready for the birds to come – but what

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