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The Shooting Show – red stag stalking on the hill in Glen Etive

We’re back in the Highlands for another stag stalk amid breathtaking scenery. The previous day, Horst, a German guest, was lucky enough to take a stag. Today, though, is Reiner’s turn on the rifle. It’s the last day of a

The Shooting Show – top-class pheasant and partridge at Farndale

We’ve visited Farndale on many occasions to film its grouse shoots – now it’s time for some different shooting. Back in November 2017, we headed to the estate as Bernard Moss put on a mixed day of pheasant and partridge

The Shooting Show – problem red stag control in the Highlands

Presenter Pete and the entire Shooting Show team are up in Glen Etive for a week of Scottish Highland sport. But it’s not a stag on the hill we’ll be pursuing first. There’s a poor-quality stag causing trouble in a

The Shooting Show – high-seat vigil for fallow buck in Bedfordshire

It’s Dalton vs Childerley as Ayrshire stalker Chris travels south to Paul’s patch with a guest stalker in tow. Paul Childerley’s estate is known for its Chinese water deer, but today we’re after something bigger: Paul has asked for help

The Shooting Show – tricky pigeon shooting with Geoff Garrod

Geoff’s been called into action to control a flock of pigeons that’s been hitting a field of direct-drilled oilseed rape. With Browning semi-auto in hand and Enforcer decoys packed, he’s ready for action… but there’s a snag. It’s impossible to

The Shooting Show – glorious grouse on Farndale moor

The opening of the grouse season is traditionally one of the biggest days of the sporting year, and we’ve assembled the Shooting Show team not longer after the first day (which, of course, fell on the 13th this year) for

The Shooting Show – pigeon control over barley with Geoff Garrod

Geoff’s been called into action urgently to reduce the pigeon population attacking a laid barley crop. Grabbing his Browning Maxus semi-auto and Eley Pigeon Select cartridges, he’s soon ready for a productive day – but with the farmer expecting results,

The Shooting Show – buck stalk and suspended gralloch in Ayrshire

We join Chris Dalton as he breaks in a new Browning X Bolt rifle and Ariat Catalyst Defiant boots ahead of a roe rut stalk. Then he sets out early on the morning of 1 August in anticipation of encountering

The Shooting Show – high-speed roebuck stalking with Pete Carr

The Shooting Show’s director Pete heads out to grass a pre-rut summer buck on his home turf. With all else failing, he resorts to a risky tactic: bump a buck from where it’s laid up in a rape field, then

The Shooting Show – high-octane driven wild boar shooting

We’re back in Poland for the second instalment of a driven boar hunt with Norma, Merkel and Aimpoint. Jason’s thrown straight into the action, with a flurry of wild boar on the very first drive providing almost non-stop action and

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