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The Shooting Show – vehicular foxing with the ATN X Sight

Stuart Wilson’s been dispatched on a lamb protection mission – and he takes to the top of the pick-up to get it done. Armed with the ATN X Sight ‘smart scope’, he patrols the fields hoping to bring any marauding

The Shooting Show – father-and-son pigeon shooting

‘Shep’ Shepherd, the king of pigeon shooting in the north, has some pigeon control to take care of – so it’s time for a dual approach. Joining him in the hide is son Thomas, with the two shots of his

The Shooting Show – high seat roebuck in Yorkshire

Director Pete Carr’s out on his home patch, aiming to notch up another buck for the cull plan. He’s soon in a three-way stand-off between him, a buck and a cock pheasant – with none looking likely to move, and

The Shooting Show – stalking in the heart of Chinese water deer country

Dalton’s down south! Our resident Ayrshire-based stalker has made the yearly pilgrimage to Bedfordshire for a visit to fellow Shooting Show star, Paul Childerley. And he’s brought a team of fellow rifles with him – one of whom is about

The Shooting Show – winter oilseed pigeon control with Geoff Garrod

Back at the end of 2017, we join Geoff on a much-needed day of winged pest control, shooting pigeons over an oilseed crop. There’s a very cold north wind in his face but Geoff isn’t going to be put off.

The Shooting Show – early-season roebucks in Yorkshire PLUS the Northern Shooting Show 2018

We’re on home turf this week, as director Pete Carr finally gets up and running with his first bucks of 2018. Having recced the area and assessed which bucks need to be taken to prevent fraying damage, Pete heads out

The Shooting Show – rimfire squirrel control with the ATN X Sight

Stuart Wilson’s down on an estate in Essex, but there’s no game shooting to be had. The season’s over, so pest control is on the agenda. And Stuart’s volunteered to help out with some squirrel control, staking out the area

The Shooting Show – pigeon shooting over spring drillings

We’re out with Geoff this time last year, as he grabs the Browning Maxus and Eley cartridges for a day’s pigeon control over the last of the spring drillings. Conditions are good but Geoff’s concerned he’s got there too late

The Shooting Show – gralloching and deer dog training with Chris Dalton

Chris Dalton takes us on a stalk with a difference – three differences, in fact. First, he’s culling red stags out of season on a special licence. Second, he’s got new canine charge Zosia in tow and must show her

The Shooting Show – early-season 2018 roebuck stalking

Stuart and hunting buddy Griff have been out since day one of the roebuck season trying to get a film in the can. And they’ve finally done it. On a hunting permission in south-west Scotland, the boys have lined up

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