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About TheShootingShow.tv

TheShootingShow.tv is the new weekly internet TV show produced by Blaze Publishing, the people behind top shooting magazines Sporting Rifle, Clay Shooting, Modern Gamekeeping, Gun Trade News and Airsoft Action. Each week we bring you news, features and expert tips from the UK shooting scene, with plenty from our expert editors and contributors across our range of shooting magazines. Watch a new show here every week, from 7.30pm each Monday.

Meet the team

Working on the show, either behind or in front of the camera (and sometimes both!) are many of the talented individuals from the Blaze Publishing magazine team, including:

Pete Carr, Sporting Rifle editor
Nigel Allen, Airgun Shooter editor
Geoff Garrod, Modern Gamekeeping columnist
…and many more!

We want to hear from you

Get involved – follow us on Facebook and Twitter, sign up for our weekly email, tell us what you like and don’t like, and what you’d like to see in future shows. We’re also looking for fun and interesting video clips from our viewers, so keep your mobile phone or camcorder handy, and get in touch if you capture something you think deserves to be included in the show.

You can contact us by email theshootingshow@blazepublishing.co.uk, telephone 01926 339808

Call us for details of advertising and sponsorship opportunities, or to discuss our corporate video packages.

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