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The Airgun Show – hunting farmyard doves and feral pigeons, PLUS tips the Cometa Goldeneye Kit on test…

We’re out shooting on the farm this week, and we’ve got feral pigeons and collared doves in our sights. The forecast is for a very wet day but the shelter offered by the barns offers some welcome shelter and Mat

The Airgun Show – how to hunt rabbits with a Nite Site, PLUS tips for the ATN X Sight II HD…

We’ve got a night vision special this week, starting with Mat Manning targeting rabbits with the Nite Site R-TEK Wolf. It’s not an easy session but Mat puts the night vision add-on and his high-power Daystate to good use to

The Airgun Show – crow, pigeon and magpie shooting, PLUS the Umarex UX Patrol on test…

We join Andy Watkins for a roving session on his summertime rounds. Ripening crops are pulling in the pests, creating a great opportunity for a mixed bag, and the prize-winning target shooter pulls off some long shots to bring pigeons

The Airgun Show – grey squirrel pest control, PLUS the Weihrauch HW44 pistol on test…

Summer foliage needn’t hamper grey squirrel control if you set up a feeding station to entice them into the open. Mat Manning is shooting in overgrown woods where the grey menace is causing havoc, and shows just how effective a

The Airgun Show – pigeon and rabbit pest control, PLUS the BSA Lightning SE on test…

We’re out hunting with Andy Watkins, and his pests control rounds are taking him out on two permissions this evening. Eager to put the new Cometa Orion Bullpup Mini through its paces, Andy’s venturing out into woodland and on to

The Airgun Show – summer evening rabbit hunt, PLUS the Weihrauch HW110 on test

Summer is the prime time to target rabbits, so we join Mat Manning for a roving evening hunt on one of his permissions. Mat uses stalking and ambush tactics to bag conies during a session that throws up a few

The Airgun Show – summer squirrel hunting, PLUS the Gamo Maxxim Elite Multishot on test…

  Grey squirrel shooting needn’t go off the boil just because it’s hard to spot this invasive rodent in summer foliage. Mat Manning heads into the woods after bushy-tails, using a peanut feeder to lure them out from the foliage

The Airgun Show – daytime rabbit and dove hunting, PLUS the Umarex Beretta CX4 Storm XT on test

The ATN X-Sight is a proven night-time performer but Mat Manning wants to know how it shapes up when hunting by day. We join him on a pest control session when he manages to get rabbits and collared doves in

The Airgun Show – springtime squirrel hunting, PLUS how to optimise your Nite Site’s performance

The warmer weather has sent grey squirrels into a flurry of activity, and Mat Manning is eager to exploit the opportunity to bring this forestry pest to book. His hide and feeding station approach has already produced plenty of tree-rats,

The Airgun Show – day-and-night X Sight rabbiting PLUS clothing on test from Military 1st

Stuart Wilson grabs his brand-new ATN X Sight, and after a set-up session to get to grips with it, he heads out into the field for two hunting sessions. First a daytime excursion, then a real test in the black

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