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The Airgun Show – daytime rabbit and dove hunting, PLUS the Umarex Beretta CX4 Storm XT on test

The ATN X-Sight is a proven night-time performer but Mat Manning wants to know how it shapes up when hunting by day. We join him on a pest control session when he manages to get rabbits and collared doves in

The Airgun Show – springtime squirrel hunting, PLUS how to optimise your Nite Site’s performance

The warmer weather has sent grey squirrels into a flurry of activity, and Mat Manning is eager to exploit the opportunity to bring this forestry pest to book. His hide and feeding station approach has already produced plenty of tree-rats,

The Airgun Show – day-and-night X Sight rabbiting PLUS clothing on test from Military 1st

Stuart Wilson grabs his brand-new ATN X Sight, and after a set-up session to get to grips with it, he heads out into the field for two hunting sessions. First a daytime excursion, then a real test in the black

The Airgun Show – night vision rat hunting with NiteSite, PLUS the BSA Ultra JSR junior air rifle on test

We’re back out shooting rats on a farm that’s home to some seriously spooky scaly-tails. Mat Manning uses the night vision stealth of the NiteSite to catch the skittish rodents off guard, and shares his latest baiting ruse to make

The Airgun Show – farmyard dove and pigeon hunt, how to attach a scope-cam and the ATN Shot Trak HD

Refusing to let wet, windy weather stop play, we head for the shelter of the farmyard, where we encounter pests including collared doves, feral pigeons and rooks. The gusty conditions make for tricky shooting but Mat Manning manages to bag

The Airgun Show – hunting crows and magpies, guns and gear from IWA and how to master aim-off

First it’s Stuart Wilson in the hot seat – or should that be the garden seat? He’s aiming to bump off some marauding corvids over bait from his garden shed. But the pesky crows and magpies are more wily than

The Airgun Show – roving woodland hunt, how to zero, and gear from the British Shooting Show

Join us on an evening wander in the woods. The aim of the roving session is to earmark quarry hotspots around the permission but Mat Manning still manages to shoot a few pests while he’s at it. We’ve also got

The Airgun Show – night vision rat hunt, PLUS the ATN X-Sight II HD on test…

Marauding rats have homed in on a barn that houses a grain-packed trailer and Mat Manning has been called in to cull the nocturnal pests. A night-time ambush with the NiteSite Viper NV unit produces some action-packed hunting as the

The Airgun Show – sub-zero squirrel shooting PLUS the ATN Binox-HD 4-16x and SHOT 2017

Stuart Wilson is in the hunting field, heading to a box seat in the hope of bagging a few squirrels off the feeder. Temperatures have dropped below zero degrees overnight, though, so it’s a battle against the elements – can

The Airgun Show – scope-cam hunting for grey squirrels and woodpigeon, PLUS the NiteSite Laser Rangefinder on test

We’ve got our sights set on grey squirrels and woodpigeon this week as Mat Manning finds a spot where hungry critters are foraging amongst the leaf litter for the final remains of this season’s acorn crop. The unseasonable food source

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