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The Airgun Show – summertime squirrel hunting with the Daystate Red Wolf, PLUS the PAO Emerald Compact SWAT scope on test

It’s scorching hot out – too hot for hunting in the open – but Mat Manning reckons the squirrels will still be on the move in the shade of the woods. By using a feeding station to draw squirrels down

The Airgun Show – Jackdaw and rabbit pest control, PLUS the Norica Hawk GRS gas-ram

We join Andy Watkins on his pest control rounds where he’s trying to put together a mixed bag with the Walther Rotex RM8. After punching some paper to test the Walther’s long-range performance, the shoot gets off to a tricky

The Airgun Show – Farmyard dove and feral pigeon hunt, PLUS the Daystate Red Wolf on test

We’re out hunting in hot conditions. It’s too hot for targeting pests in the woods or over open fields but Mat Manning reckons there will still be feral pigeons and collared doves around the farm. Apart from providing some welcome

The Airgun Show – Squirrel and rabbit scope-cam hunting, PLUS the Walther LGU Varmint on test

We’ve got a double-barrelled hunt this week as Mat Manning sets his sights on grey squirrels and rabbits on two different permissions. The shooting is tricky in bright, windless conditions but Mat shows how to use fieldcraft to put quarry

The Airgun Show – Scope-cam squirrel, pigeon and rabbit hunt, PLUS highlights from the Northern Shooting Show

This week we join Andy Watkins on a rove around a new permission. There’s no shortage of pests to deal with on the holding, and Andy manages to bag pigeons, grey squirrels and rabbits for the camera. We’ve also got

The Airgun Show – mega squirrel hunting, PLUS AirForceOne Ballistically Brilliant Chronograph on test

This week we join Mat Manning for an action-packed shooting trip in pursuit of grey squirrels. Mat has set up a feeding station to maximise his chances, and the results are phenomenal as the greedy rodents home in on his

The Airgun Show – Scope-cam rabbit hunting, PLUS Daystate Wolverine R review

Spring is here and rabbit numbers are on the increase so Mat Manning is out on a grassland permission keeping the coneys in check. Mat has chosen ambush tactics for this evening’s hunt, and he’s shooting with a scope-cam to

The Airgun Show – woodland rat shooting at night, PLUS AirForceOne ADRAS hunting bipod review Following a tip-off from a gamekeeper, Andy Watkins heads to the woods for an after-dark session targeting rats that have developed a taste for pheasant feed. The stealth provided by night vision tactics helps Andy to get clear shots

The Airgun Show episode 100 – squirrel hunting and gear roundup from IWA 2018, PLUS win a prize bundle worth over £500…

The weather has turned cold again and grey squirrels are homing in on easy food sources, so Mat Manning heads out on a woodland shoot to target the hungry rodents around grain feeders. The rich pickings prove irresistible and Mat

The Airgun Show – hide shooting for magpies and squirrels, PLUS gas-ram plinking pistol on test

Magpies are getting territorial as the nesting season approaches, so Mat Manning sets up a decoying ruse to draw the corvids within range of his hide. With grey squirrels also visiting a nearby feeding station, it promises to be an

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