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The Airgun Show – Night vision rat shoot, PLUS the Umarex RP5 pump-action pistol on test…

An infestation of rats is causing problems on one of Mat Manning’s farmyard permissions and a bumper bag could be on the cards. These nocturnal rodents are wary, though, so Mat has coupled his Brocock Bantam Sniper HR air rifle

The Airgun Show – Rabbit, pigeon and squirrel hunting with the Walther LGU spring gun, PLUS the Rugged Bench on test…

Making a mixed bag for the cameras is never an easy task but Andy Watkins manages to account for squirrels, pigeons and rabbits this week. Challenging weather conditions and limited daylight hours don’t help with the challenge but Andy switches

The Airgun Show – Mega winter squirrel shoot, PLUS the Brocock Commander on test…

Mat Manning’s on the grey squirrels again, and he’s hoping for a big bag. He’s set up a feeding station to concentrate the bark-stripping rodents, cold weather has put an edge on their appetite and the signs look good for

The Airgun Show – our top shots of 2018

In a special extra episode, we’re taking a look back at an action-packed year of airgunning action on the show. And we’ve selected the very best of it and brought it to you in our Top Shots of 2018 roundup.

The Airgun Show – Hectic autumn squirrel hunting with the Daystate Red Wolf, PLUS Wicked Light Predator Gun Light Kit on test…

Mat’s back on the grey squirrels this week – targeting the bushy-tailed rodents in a wood where they’ve been wrecking trees and wreaking havoc on the resident wildlife. The shoot turns out to be even better than expected, and Mat

The Airgun Show – Farmyard pigeon & dove hunt with the Walther LGU, PLUS AT Vulcan 2 Tactic on test!

We’re back with another spring-gun hunting session, and this time Andy Watkins is using the Walther LGU to tackle an infestation of feral pigeons. It turns out to be a busy session and Andy amasses a hefty bag of farmyard

The Airgun Show – scope-cam rabbit hunting in the wind, PLUS QYS Olympic and Match Grade pellets on test…

Breezy conditions can make accurate shooting with an air rifle very tricky but Mat Manning refuses to let blustery weather hamper this week’s hunt. Mat finds a small, sheltered field and gets down low to the ground to ensure that

The Airgun Show – Daytime rat shooting with the Daystate Red Wolf, PLUS Umarex Browning Buck Mark URX review…

We’re out rat shooting with Mat Manning this week but it’s not your usual night vision or lamping foray. The rats are out raiding feed in broad daylight, and Mat sets up in a barn to pick off the marauding

The Airgun Show – hunting with the Walther LGU spring gun, PLUS Brocock Bantam Sniper HR on test… We’ve been getting calls for a spring-gun hunting session, so Andy Watkins has stepped up to the plate and headed out with the super-accurate Walther LGU. It’s a challenging session and the hoped-for corvids refuse to play ball but

The Airgun Show – Shooting crows and doves on the farm, PLUS Air Force One Air Ram Compressor on test…

Airguns are perfect for controlling pests around farm buildings, and Mat Manning is targeting crows, jackdaws, rooks and doves that are raiding feed from the yard. The discovery of a ready-made hiding place brings a boost to the hunt and

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