The Shooting Show – Bedfordshire partridges and the Merkel RX Helix

In our main feature, we head to the Beckerings Park estate, where we’ve previously stalked Chinese water deer on film. But there’s a different kind of shooting on the cards today: one of the estate’s famed driven partridge and pheasant shoots. With keeper Paul Childerley at the helm and Wes Stanton in the line of guns, there’s sure to be a wealth of shooting action – and, of course, we’re there to get it all on camera.

Meanwhile, Byron Pace is putting a rather special rifle through its paces. This is the Merkel RX Helix, a rifle that promises to be not just the fastest straight-pull on the market, but also the fastest switch-barrel. Don’t miss this in-depth review – we think you’ll like what you see.

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