The Shooting Show – Roe Due cull with Chris Dalton

This week we’re at home in South Ayrshire where I’ve turned my attention to the Roe Doe cull, more specifically, I’m currently working on a nice block which comprises both broadleaf woodland and conifers, so essentially it’s a mixed plantation. 

The benefit of a good deer dog can be seen; Zosia is an essential part of the team and as soon as she starts to pull forward, I notice her nose starts to twitch, which is a tale-tale sign, we’re getting close. You must learn to trust your dog! 

We started out early, as this is an area where we have a few dog walkers and I like to get out before the sun starts to rise as it reduces the likelihood of disturbance. 

No sooner had we started the stalk, Zosia’s nose started to twitch and after a few hundred yards, I could see deer above us in the half-light, so I worked a movement in a loop to come back into the wind and over the top of the glen, but as is often the case, by the time I took my vantage point overlooking where the deer, it had moved on; I imagine into the trees so I decided to continue my walk into the mature beech wood.

After 30-minutes Zosia indicated again, and I soon glassed a couple of roe feeding the other side of a beech and willow thicket. It was a matter of stalking slowly forward and waiting for the youngest roe to come into a position where I had a clear shot through the trees. All worked perfectly, and after a brief wait, we had a young roe doe hanging from a convenient branch for a suspended gralloch.

We hope you enjoy this week’s instalment and from everyone here, we’d like to thank you for your continued support through 2020 and to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas!

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