The Shooting Show — pigeons and muntjac with Geoff Garrod PLUS an interview with Amber Hill

When it comes to the best of pigeon shooting, there’s only one man you need: NGO vice-president and head keeper Geoff Garrod. We join him and son Justin as they mark the end of the game season by setting up the hide and the deeks for an action-packed day at the birds. With Browning A5 and Eley VIP loads at their side, they make a formidable team — and we’re there to capture it all on camera.

With the shotgun sport over, Geoff’s straight back out to a different part of the estate, where a sizeable population of muntjac has taken residence. Swapping gun for rifle, he’s tasked with reducing their numbers by one. There’s no rest for a gamekeeper…

And we bring you a Shooting Show news special, as we visit the Eley factory to get the low-down from Amber Hill on winning Young Sports Personality of the Year, what it’s like to shoot a cartridge with your name on it, and her goals for 2014.

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