The Shooting Show – Home Counties roebuck and the Apex Auto Click

First up, it’s roe with Rowe: Napier’s Steve Rowe heads out with experienced amateur stalker Les Metcalfe for a Berkshire buck. With this being our first buck of 2013 on film, we don’t want anything to go wrong and we’ve loaded them up with all the top kit we can find — Blaser rifle, Swarovski scope, Napier Apex Predator and more. But there’s an uninvited guest in the form of a doe that threatens to tempt our buck out of sight and into forestry where there’s no safe shot on. Eventually there’s a window of only seconds for Les to grass his buck.

And once you’ve got the beast in the bag, what then? The Shooting Show gets an exclusive look at the Apex Auto Click, the new accessory that turns your car boot into a suspended gralloch station. Steve takes us through how to use it and how it can be of benefit to stalkers.

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