The Shooting Show – Hind Kull on the Kinnaird Estate

This week we’re back at Kinnaird Estate, and I am paying close attention to an area of open hillside which we’re planting as part of a grant assisted forest creation scheme. 

I’m also monitoring deer numbers, as I continue to work on my hind cull for this season and at the same time, noting any particular concentrations of hinds in the area as work on the ground preparation gets underway. 

During the day, this area is favoured by the deer, and I intended to work around the wind that was present and make an approach using a shallow gully.  The terrain here is quite flat and getting close to a large parcel of hinds was proving to be quite challenging as I was attempting to try and take down an old hind that was browsing with a couple of stags away from the main group. However, they spooked, and after allowing the hill to settle for a while, I continued. 

After a brief stalk, I managed to get myself into a good vantage point, without being seen and I was able to take the hind. Unfortunately, Graeme, who was on camera, filmed the deer standing next to the one I subsequently shot. However, what is interesting is the reaction of the group to the shot, and then as one of their numbers fell, it became clear they were not happy, initially unsure and curious, they started to approach the fallen hind before deciding to exit the scene rapidly. 

A relatively easy recovery by ATV which we had, was used to get us out onto the hill and was parked fairly close by, which in itself was fortunate as a thick fog started to roll in from the River Tay which ran itself through the valley below us.  


– EL Range Binos, Swarovski, 10×42
– Habicht Fixed Scope, Swarovski, 8×56

– Finnlight Stainless Fluted, Sako, 6.5×55

– Verdun Waistcoat, Deerhunter
– Pro Gamekeeper Anorak, Deerhunter 
– Explore Trousers, Deerhunter

– Garron Custom Knife, Emberleaf 
– Apex Predator Roe Sack, Napier
– Flex Quad Sticks, Viper 
– Animal Transit Box 

– Norma Medium Game, Norma, 120gn 6.5×55 Ballistic Tip 

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