The Shooting Show – evening duck flight and Ian Greensitt interviewed

On presenter Pete Carr’s home turf just half a mile from the East Yorkshire coast, it’s the first day of the duck shooting season and he’s been feeding the duck pond hard in anticipation. The area is host to every duck species shootable in the UK – teal, pintail, wigeon, not to mention the ubiquitous mallard – and they all come in to feed as Pete and his shooting buddy Shep lie in wait with their Remingtons. As any with any duck flight, the action is fast, furious and demands all of the pair’s shotgun shooting skills.

Meanwhile, Byron Pace interviews wildlife sculptor Ian Greensitt, a specialist in sculpting game birds and game fish. He finds out what got him into the art, what the sculpting process involves, and what his favourite animal to work with really is.

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