The Shooting Show — Burton Agnes pheasant shoot and highland red stag stalking

In episode 94 of The Shooting Show Peter Carr returns to the Burton Agnes estate, where he first started beating, at the end of the pheasant season. He’s brought along Wes Stanton, Geoff Garrod and Ruag’s Phil Unwin for a tough day of game shooting. With weather conditions not favouring the guns – and plenty of pride at stake – it’s a fast-paced and tough affair. And though it’s pheasant on top of the agenda, Pete is keen to round off the day with some woodcock, too.

We then head north of the border to follow recreational stalker Stuart Prickett as he embarks on the second day of his stalk with pro guide Mark Shone after a red stag. The first day was a bust after skittish deer put paid to his attempts to get into shooting distance, but with the sun shining, will it bode well for Stu?

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