The Shooting Show – Bedfordshire water deer and rifle zero tips

In Bedfordshire not far from Woburn, the home of Chinese water deer in the UK, presenter Pete Carr is out after a doe with top stalking guide Paul Childerley. Paul’s one of the leading ‘CWD’ managers in the UK, and he’s got the trophy room to prove it, with some of the best specimens ever shot on these shores. As well as getting to feast our eyes on these top heads, we see the stalking footage in full as Paul stalks Pete into a yearling doe and gives him the chance at a neck shot.

Then it’s back to the Stalking School where we get another instalment of expert advice from Andy Chadderton. Using bore sighting and careful adjustments, he takes one shot to get on paper and another three to get on zero – not a bad result. And you can get that result too using his practical wisdom.

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