The Shooting Show – Ayrshire Roe Doe ft. Chris Dalton

This week we’re stalking at home in SW Scotland. The first morning, I’m on a local farm, out well before first light and we’re watching a couple of roe waiting for the light to improve and to offer me a positive ID of the pair.
As we’re sat waiting in a field drain, numerous hares are running up-and-down, past us, teasing Zosia who is on high alert!

The roe drifted in to cover before it was light enough to take the shot, so I continued the stalk around a pond following the field margins. It’s not a big area, but I stalked into a mature roe in thick cover, eventually managing to get enough of a look, at what turned out to be a promising young buck, so I decided to call it a day before the farm became active.
Not all stalks end in success.

The following morning I moved to a commercial conifer block which is approaching the end of the felling and restock period, where there are some vulnerable young trees. Here you see the benefit of Zosia, as I stalk along the top track, she starts to indicate strongly, clearly winding deer somewhere in the valley below us.

After glassing for a while, I picked up some roe feeding in a small scrubby area on the edge of the lower forest road, they seemed settled, and clearly part of three roe, including two youngsters, one of these would do nicely.
A slow backtrack allowed me to drop down and to a point above them, and after a further confirming check with the bin’s, I selected the smallest of the two roe doe kids and took the shot from the Quad sticks as she came clear of cover and gave me the broadside shot.

While waiting the obligatory 10 mins settling time before the approach and recovery, Zosia is indicating again from below us and sure enough, another pair of roe worked up through the trees past us almost offering the chance of deer number 2 for the morning, but it was not to be, no safe or clear shot.

After recovering the young doe, she had the remnants of an old injury to the front right foreleg, in all other respects, she was in good condition but was slightly smaller of the two youngsters so the shot selection proved correct.

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