The Shooting Show –­ 100 pigeons with Geoff Garrod and rifle zeroing tips

With England making headlines in the cricket, we’ve sent the Shooting Show team out to get a ‘century’ of our own – but there are no bats and balls in this one, just pigeon decoys and Eley shells. Pigeon guru Geoff Garrod is the man leading the attack, and he’s invited Clay Shooting magazine’s Wes Stanton to swap the clay ground for a day in the hide. Wes’s Miroku and Geoff’s Beretta soon have the pigeons on the ground – but the question is, can they make a bag of 100 before the day is out?

Meanwhile, Byron Pace is on the range investigating methods of zero. With ammo, chronograph and a bag of flour (yes, really) in hand, he sets out to make the case why zeroing high at 100 yards is a good idea for stalkers.

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