The Shooting Show

Pigeons over barley with Geoff Garrod barley at the milky stage, protecting crops from pigeons is essential. This week Geoff uses the Mossberg .410 and Browning Maxus to deal with the invading birds.FULL KIT LIST:Gun:– Browning Maxus– Mossberg .410 Hush PowerClothing:–

Mark Ripley puts the new Pulsar Thermion 2 Thermal Rifle Scope through its paces , In this week’s episode, Mark Ripley heads out onto the freshly cut fields after foxes using the new Pulsar Thermion 2 Thermal Rifle Scope and the Accolade 2 Thermal Binoculars. FULL KIT

Bluebell Roe Buck featuring Chris Dalton Chris has noted a good number of Roebucks near Garrryloop and it’s now is a good time to start addressing this. Having left a couple of the slightly more mature beasts early into

The Shooting Show Shorts

New guns and gear on display at the Royal Armouries

We’re at the Royal Armouries in Leeds to get the latest on Zoli game guns, Chiappa firearms and more, courtesy of distributor Edgar Brothers. And managing director Derek Edgar gives us the inside track on why the Armouries are such a special place.

Woodcock on the Black Isle

We’re on Scotland’s Black Isle for a woodcock shoot, but we’re not doing things the traditional British way — this is an Italian job.

Duck flighting in East Yorkshire

Fast duck shooting action from the north-east of England, just half a mile from the coast.

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