The Shooting Show

The Shooting Show – Geoff Garrod’s Lockdown Pigeons https://www.pulsar-nv.com story is that Geoff was called up by the farmer just before we entered November lockdown because pigeons and corvids were damaging his emerging winter wheat. Geoff dropped everything and went out the day before

The Shooting Show – Rutting stags with Chris Dalton some time now, Chris Dalton and the Ayrshire stalking team have wanted to film stags actually fighting, and the interaction between rival dominant stags and young stags as they all vie to cover

The Shooting Show – Fox hunting with the all-new Wraith 4K Pro from Scott Country International In this week’s episode, we join Mark and shooting partner, Gary, as they head out after Foxes on a windy night with the Sightmark Wraith HD and the all-new Wraith 4K Pro from Scott

The Shooting Show Shorts

New guns and gear on display at the Royal Armouries

We’re at the Royal Armouries in Leeds to get the latest on Zoli game guns, Chiappa firearms and more, courtesy of distributor Edgar Brothers. And managing director Derek Edgar gives us the inside track on why the Armouries are such a special place.

Woodcock on the Black Isle

We’re on Scotland’s Black Isle for a woodcock shoot, but we’re not doing things the traditional British way — this is an Italian job.

Duck flighting in East Yorkshire

Fast duck shooting action from the north-east of England, just half a mile from the coast.

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