The Shooting Show – on rhino poaching patrol in South Africa

In a behind-the-scenes Shooting Show special, we bring you never-before-seen footage that depicts the devastation wrought on South Africa’s rhino population by the poaching menace.

We join ex-special forces operator Les Brett on a farm with the highest density of rhino on the continent. He and a few good men have started a unique initiative: the Threatened Wildlife Protection Academy, which takes volunteers and trains them up to allow them to join a fully fledged rhino protection unit.

Byron mans the camera as we watch their training in action and accompany them on rhino patrol – with tense and dangerous results. And we get an insight into the precarious future of one of Africa’s most loved big game species, and the horrific threats it faces.

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3 comments on “The Shooting Show – on rhino poaching patrol in South Africa
  1. Steven Willis says:

    Cheers for that. Different from usual but I’m not disappointed. Much better than Tom Hardy.

  2. Tom E Wood says:

    Not an original idea but would it not help take the pressure off the wildlife if the confiscated rhino horn and elephant tusk were sold on the open market, thereby providing funds for further poaching patrols and conservation?

    • blazepublishing says:

      Yes I absolutely agree. This already happens with ivory, and various
      countries are allowed to auction legit collected tusks and confiscated
      tusks, and happens about every four years. However, the countries concerned I believe divvy out the money, some of which goes to the National Parks.

      To do a similar thing with rhino horn and insist all monies raised goes to
      the anti-poaching effort would be great.

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