The Airgun Show – hunting crows and magpies, guns and gear from IWA and how to master aim-off

First it’s Stuart Wilson in the hot seat – or should that be the garden seat? He’s aiming to bump off some marauding corvids over bait from his garden shed. But the pesky crows and magpies are more wily than he gives them credit for…

And in the second part of the show Mat brings you another technical how-to piece. This time, learn how to apply holdover and holdunder to any situation in the field – you’ll never miss again.

Don’t miss our news special, either, brought to you from IWA in Nuremberg – the shooting industry trade show where all the biggest new product launches happen.

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  • Marilyn Perks

    I wish at the start of these hunting vids they would introduce the rifle, its calibre and power level, then say what range is being shot at.
    He did mention range and calibre in passing right at the end.
    Its annoying being left to guess at these factors while watching the vid.

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